Author’s note – I haven’t posted any fiction for a while, so I figured it was time for some. Enjoy!

Hey, buddy! Hey! You lookin’ for somethin’, my friend? Have I got somethin’  for you. See this box? Whatever you need, it’ll give it to you. Just hold it in your hands for a second …

Hey, man! Easy with the gun, you could hurt someone with that. I’m not trying to pull anythin’ on you, honest.

Yeah, I know this is the worse part of town, that’s why I’m here. Lots of needy people down here, lots of ‘em. I figger someone down here would need this box, but if you ain’t interested I can find someone else.

Ha, you changed your tune pretty fast there, didn’t you? Want to hold it, maybe give it a try?

I’m tellin’ the truth; this box might look all beat to shit, but it’s magic. The wife found the first one somewheres, I’m not real sure where and she … Well, Let’s just say I can’t ask her no more.

Anyways, she brings home this box, all excited. Says it’s magic. Magic my freckled ass, I tell her and I grab the box from her. Magic would be finding the cash to pay that week’s rent, not to mention the weeks’ before. No sooner are the words out of my mouth than there’s this rumblin’ noise and the box starts shakin’. It was just like I was standin’ too close to the tracks when a express freight goes past. The lid flips open and sittin’ there is a  stack of bills. I nearly shit myself, son. Enough to pay the rent; all of it, even the past due amount, right down to the cent. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I figger a train had gone past and the vibration shook open the lid. I toss the box on the kitchen table and went out to pay the landlord before he sent around one of his guys to take the rent out in broken fingers. It weren’t ‘til later, after I was feelin’ a bit better with some of my medicine in me, that I got curious.

It’s a pretty regular lookin’ box, right? Looks like it should have shoes or somethin’ in it. Like a kid should be keepin’ marbles or rocks or some special shit in it. You want to maybe hold it?

No? Alright, suit yourself.

I remembered the money and tried to take the lid off, but it wouldn’t budge.  I asked it for a million dollars. Just sat there. I figger it was a one-time thing, the wife had found it somewhere and it had already had the money inside. I went to throw it away and it happened again. That rumblin’ noise, it shook the whole place. Thought the damn ceiling was gonna fall on me. The lid flips open and there’s a pair of glasses inside. Now, I know damn well there weren’t no glasses the first time I looked in there, that box had been empty.  I put those things on and damn if they didn’t fit me! Suddenly I could see everythin’ so much clearer. I stopped gettin’ headaches so much.

The box worked for the wife, too. She opened it and found divorce papers inside. Surprised the hell out of me. She left it behind, with a note on that Hello Kitty paper she liked so much. I didn’t read it. Not much point to it. I stopped goin’ in to work, the box gave me rent and food, but only when I really needed it.

Then one day it  split in half.

Was the damnedest thing to see. Like those  whatchcallems, akneebas.

Took all day but there was a second box just like the first. Even had the same dented corner. I picked up the new box and … it felt real funny, you know? I left the apartment and started walkin’. No idea where I was goin’. Went up three flights to 7-J. I could hear someone coughing through the door, that old-man phlemy kinda cough that sounds like a lung’s gonna pop out. I put the new box in front of the door, knocked, and got the hell outta Dodge. I was two flights down before I felt the rumblin’.

Now I goes out every time the box makes another one. Gave one to a hooker two weeks ago, and the cashier at the Gas ‘n Gulp the week before that. Last night the box made another one and I found myself down here.

I think this one’s yours.