I painted my nails red this weekend.

Bright red. Fire engine red.

I normally don’t paint my nails, primarily because they tend to chip a lot. I’m pretty hard on my hands and the nails especially. Evolution did put the handy little tools at the ends of your fingertips for a reason. When I do paint them it’s usually clear or some boring shade. I actually own dozens of colors, but I only use them on my feet. On my toes I wear all sorts of colors; red, blue, green, multicolored sparkles – all of them.

I don’t wear a lot of bright colors, most of my work clothes are very drab and boring. Navy, khaki, black; somber and dull and not in any sense fashionable. They are very comfortable so there’s that at least. I choose clothes more for comfort than anything else, but it’s a sad fact that most comfortable clothes are not terribly attractive, and most attractive clothes are not completely comfortable.

So I add a little bit of color to my toes.

It doesn’t really do anything, it’s just a few drops of lacquer, and no one knows it’s there except me. Well, I guess anyone who reads this does, but that’s what? Five people? And judging from the search term hits I’ve gotten most of you are interested in knowing if the dental peeling stick thing works. What are you going to do, come up in the street and ask to see my feet?

Those ten little points of color are my little form of daily rebellion. Any time I start feeling a bit depressed or frumpyish, I just think about my toes.