I have posted about creepy dolls before, but I have found the creepiest of all creepy dolls.

Say hello to the reborn baby doll.



That is not a picture of a baby, it’s a doll.


The basic idea is this; you get a baby doll and take it apart, restructure the features and repaint the head and limbs so that it  more closely resemble a real baby. Many of the artists are quite proud of their creations being mistaken for real children. (You know who else gets mistaken for real people? Zombies.)

I could not find a picture of a reborn baby doll that was not super-creepy.

Collectors display these things in “nurseries” with all the trappings of a real baby; crib, bassinet, different little outfits with matching pacifiers. And the dolls cost hundreds of dollars apiece, if you want a custom one that resembles your real child it can cost thousands.

What. The. HELL.

One website referred to these things as “The Cadillac of dolls”. I would call them “dreadful abominations”. They venture just far enough into the Uncanny Valley to resemble a real baby, but they’re not. They never could be. Vinyl and paint, no matter how artfully done, can only go so far.

I read  that people who have lost children will have a reborn custom made to look like their child. Now, I have never had children so I could never imagine the heartbreaking pain someone must experience when they lose something so very precious. But to have something that looks so  much like what you loved so dearly laying in the child’s crib, wearing it’s clothes, and knowing every time you looked at it that this thing was not your child  … That would terrible. I could not endure that.