As previously stated, I give fish oil to my herd of cats once a week. This week, on Fish Oil Day, also known as Tuesday, I managed to get fish oil on my shirt. This happens from time to time, I try to be careful but the fish oil capsule is a tricky little bitch. No problem, I can just wash it out and it will be dry by the time I get to work. As I’m scrubbing some of my favorite homemade laundry detergent into my clothing, I realize I have done this before.

Now, I usually give the cats fish oil on the same day of the week, but I don’t always wear the same thing. I have eight shirts that I wear to work and I rotate them so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same thing all the time. The last time I squirted myself with fish oil, I was wearing the same shirt I had on this time. And the time before that, when I had forgotten to give the cats their fish oil on Tuesday and had to give it to them on Wednesday, I was wearing the same shirt and I squirted myself then. That’s three times in the roughly two months that I’ve owned this particular shirt.

I’m beginning to think the fish oil capsules have it out for my shirt.