Not much to write about today, spent most of yesterday at the Durham Rescue Mission. If you are ever in the Durham, NC area and you love thrift stores like I do, this is a great place to go. They have tons of stuff, anything from the usual clothes, furniture, and household goods to cars and boats. All of it is donated and the profits from the store go to help the local homeless, so you get a great bargain and help people out in the process. If you make a donation and show your reciept at the checkout, you get a discount on your purchases. They also have a punchcard program, every ten dollars spent gets you a punch, once the card is full you get an additional discount. (Mother Dearest has several cards in various states of punchity-punchness.)

On to the photos!

The outdoor bins - lots of stuff.

GhostBoy, waiting for Grandma to get finished looking at whatever she's looking at.

So ... Much ... Stuff...

Yet more stuff outside. I haven't even made it to the door yet.


Here we have the rare Khaki-Legged Mother Dearest, browsing in her natural habitat.

My God ... It's full of shirts. And pants.



GhostBoy is looking quite dapper. He tied that tie all by himself, too.

I found this in one of the inside bins. It was even scarier in person.