I wrote a while back about my cats, Firefly and Fearless, but I’m going to write about them again.

Since I was home for the Fourth of July holiday, I let Simon roam around my rooms without shutting him up in the bed room during the day. This meant the other two constantly wanted to get in and out. Which leads to my point.

I was standing outside the door and Firefly was scratching to get out so she could do whatever it was she wanted to do in the rest of the house. I cracked the door slightly and she sat there, staring at me through the crack, which was about an inch and a half to two inches wide. She meowed and scratched a bit, still not getting it.  She stuck her nose in the crack, then pulled it back. She scratched some more. I tapped the door a bit, calling her name. She jumped up to scratch higher on the door, closing it with a snap.  I collapsed with laughter and did it again. Eventually I let her out.

Now, most cats learn pretty quickly that if a door is partially open that they can hook their paw over the edge and pull towards themselves to open it. They learn that little trick when they are kittens and use it to get into all kinds of trouble.

Fearless does the same thing, she will sit and wait for me to open the door and occasionally shut the door. I’ve done it over and over again and they never learn. And I think I know why.

I got the two of them as kittens, they were outside cats for the first two or three months of their lives. They lived with me in my camper for almost a year before I moved back home.

My former home sweet home.

For those who have never been inside a camper before, there’s not a lot of room. There were a few built-in cabinets, but the doors have secure catches on the so that they won’t open easily while the camper is moving. I had a hard time opening some of them and I’m not a tiny kitten. I had taken the doors off a few of the built-in cabinets and they could easily jump into the resulting shelf, but most of the cabinets were either too high for them to reach or securely locked so they couldn’t get in them.

Any chance to show off a baby picture.

The only full-sized door, with the exception of the front door, was the door to the bathroom which had to be kept closed since it blocked the narrow hall to the back room when it was open. There was a gap of about three inches or so at the bottom of the door so the kittens didn’t have to scratch, they wiggled right under it.

I do not miss that bathroom.

They have had no real experience with doors until I moved back home and they show no inclination to learn. Not when there are so many willing and gullible humans around to open doors for them.

Some are more patient than others.