Like just about everyone, I have a digital camera.

With the ever-increasing advances in technology, digital cameras are everywhere. You can buy a low-resolution digital camera for less than ten dollars.

Guess what the Things got for Christmas from Aunt Ghostie?

For much of the history of photography, taking a picture involved some level of commitment. Film was expensive, as was developing. You had no idea what you photo would look like, you just did you best and hoped it would be something worth all the effort. Digital cameras changed all of that – we can now document every single moment of our lives.


Much to the disgruntlement of some.

I have a handful of photos from when my parents were younger, a few albums from when GhostSister and I were young, and hundreds and hundreds from my nephew and nieces. I have personally taken over three thousand photos of various things, mostly family and cats.

I swear no more than half of them are cat-related.

As much as I like looking at my own photos, I like looking at old photos even more. There’s a lot to be learned from vintage or antique photos.It’s one thing to read of history, but to actually see images of the people and places from the time period is much better.

Ruth St. Denis in first costume for Radha.  Bust portrait.

Wow. That's a lot of bling.

That’s why I like The Commons over on Flickr.

The Commons is a searchable database of photographs in the public domain from the archives of various institutions, such as the Smithsonian, The New York Public Library, and the National Libraries of several countries including Sweden and Ireland.

If you like, you could order up sets of printed photographs (or print them yourself) creating a wall of instant antecedents.

July 19, 1900

Oh, them? Those are our ... cousins. From the Old Country. I can't remember which one.

'Creek Life Canton River'

Great-Grandpa Maurice was never the best carpenter.

It’s also fun to type in random words and see what pops up. (I do the same thing over on deviantart. I amuse easily.)

Lotus aft

I didn't really think I would find a photo of a hippo's ass. Boy, was I wrong.

I don’t really have a point to all of this, I was just browsing earlier and thought I would share one of my favorite photo resources with everyone.

Kitten nestled in a bonnet

Sorry about the hippo's ass. Look! A vintage kitty!