One of the items I picked up this weekend while yard saleing was a puzzle.

But it wasn’t any old puzzle, it was a puzzle without a box. I had no idea what sort of puzzle it would be. It only cost a quarter so I figured, “What the hell?’ The woman I bought it from said she had kept it in her purse, in a hard plastic container, so that her daughter would have something to keep her occupied while they were waiting at restaurants and the like. I imagine the girl had done the puzzle so many times she had it memorized.

The mystery puzzle.

Once I got a few pieces together, I could tell that it was a Care Bears puzzle. Sure it was for kids, but if you think it’s easy to put together something without even the foggiest idea what it looks like I invite you to try.

Be prepared for lots of cursing.

WOO-HOO! I completed a child's puzzle! Now I need a drink.

Once I was finished I was incredibly happy, absolutely thrilled. You can not imagine how out of proportion my sense of accomplishment was. You would have thought I had assembled the thing out of dust motes.

This is the container it came in.

I was somewhat disappointed, after seeing the container, that the puzzle wasn’t Hello Kitty as well. Practically everything else in the world is.

GhostSister adores Hello Kitty, so this will probably go to her next. Just like the last puzzle I did.

I had "help" with that one.

That thing was a bear to put together, even with my “help”. It’s lenticular, so the image on the pieces moves as you move it, making it a bit of a challenge. That was another yard sale find, that’s the one good thing about the ubiquitousness of Hello Kitty, it’s a lot easier to find Hello Kitty stuff at yard sales.