While sitting in the drive-thru at McDonald’s, waiting to receive my egg McMuffin (Don’t judge me, I was hungry) I could hear the person behind me ordering oatmeal.

Mmmm ... Oat slime. Now with fruit!


At McDonald’s.

A steaming pile of glue-like goodness from a business that is hesitant to reveal the exact amount of meat in their processed food patties. It was early, around eight AM, and already approximately as hot as the surface of the sun. For the two bucks this woman spent on her cup of shame, she could have bought a box of instant oatmeal, which is what McDonald’s uses, and made herself a week’s worth of disgusting breakfasts.A container of the old-fashioned stuff would have made her breakfast sludge for a month or more.

It puzzles me why anyone would want to eat oatmeal that isn’t in a cookie, but it puzzles me even more that someone would go to a restaurant (especially a McDonald’s) and order the stuff when it’s so easy to make at home or anywhere with access to water and a heat source.

She should have gotten the McNuggets!