Author’s Note – Today’s post is a little on the gross side. You might be better off going over to the Library of the Damned and reading today’s fic-riff.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I have dreaded waking up in the morning for the past few days.

For those who have been following along at home, I’ve been having troubles with my teeth. Even before I had the infected tooth removed, my gums were bleeding slightly. Not much, but enough that I had a slight taste of blood in my mouth. All the time. During the day I could rinse out my mouth, but at night … It just built up all night long until the morning into what I thought was the foulest taste in the world.

And then I had the tooth taken out. The infected tooth, with the blisters on my gums that were now draining through the hole where my tooth used to be.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to the foulest, most disgusting case of morning mouth I have ever had. It was like someone had been storing used tampons in my mouth all night long.

Now I know what kind of morning breath vampires have. If some of the Twitards had to go through this, they would never wax romantic about vampires ever again.

I’ve gone through something similar when I had all four of my wisdom teeth out, that was not pleasant, but I didn’t have the enhanced flavor experience of gum pustules. Brushing three times a day has done absolutely nothing for the taste. It laughs in the general direction of toothpaste. I can’t brush too closely to the open socket, so I can’t actually clean the source of the foulness and it has been driving me mad. Add that to the general nausea caused by the antibiotics I’ve been taking for the aforementioned gum pustules, it has not been a good week in Casa del Ghostie.

By Friday morning though, I had healed up enough that I no longer have the noticeable taste of blood in my mouth! It is so wonderful to be able to eat and drink without tasting my own blood. I can’t even describe it.