To continue with this weekend’s ‘possum theme, here are some photos of something I found recently at a yard sale.


It's a possum!

It’s a plush possum, whom I have started calling Opaul the Opossum. Paul for short.


Hey. Whatcha doing? Me, I'm just hanging around.

I love the wonky ear.

I found Paul at a yard sale for fifty cents and, since I had never seen a stuffed possum before, spent two of my hard-earned quarters. The tail curls over, so of course I tried to hang it over the door. It would stay but not very well, so there are a couple of pieces of pipe cleaner looped over the back legs hidden by Paul’s fur.

I was curious, once I got home and finished wiring a stuffed animal to my door, if there were more stuffed possums out there. So I checked that repository of all things commercial, eBay. I found possums like Paul for sale for anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars, which seems a bit extreme to me. I don’t think I would pay that kind of money for a stuffed animal, no matter what it looked like.

Not even for an Eeyore dressed up as Indiana Jones.

Mostly because they're $16, not $30. That's more reasonable.