On Tuesday while I was home from work enjoying the fine prescription drugs that come with having a tooth yanked out of you jaw, and I got the sudden urge to hear the song Copperhead Road. I have no idea why, I haven’t heard the song in years.

Ahhh ... The Eighties. A time of fabulous, feathery hair.

Whilst scrolling through the comments, enjoying that particular brand of insanity that dwells in the comment section of YouTube videos, I found these nuggets I’d like to share with the world.

YES !! May we all Melt the barbie plastic from our souls and Awaken our inner-Samurai !!! Destroy the soulless, corporate concrete, plastic and glass of consumerism and RESURRECT THE WILD OPEN BEAUTY and FREEDOM OF THE SOUTH !!! The beauty of the southern land is what gives our spirits strength. Not parking lots. “Burn down the shopping malls !” – Mojo Nixon. Yes Now Shazam !!

YES. Resurrect the wild, open, freedom and beauty of the South !! Melt the barbie plastic from our souls and awaken our inner Rebel Yell. Burn down the giant corporate stripmalls and bring back the gorgeous soul of the southern truth of what gives our spirit strength!!! The Beauty of the Southern Land is what gives us our soul. “Burn down the shopping malls!!!” – Mojo Nixon.

These were two separate comments posted right next to each other in response to the same person’s comment, which I forgot to copy. It’s not important.

Just look at that. This fella feels more strongly about shopping malls than most brides feel about their husbands. That’s kinda impressive. In a really insane way.