As I said on Sunday, I bought a large tool box filled with … things at a yard sale on Saturday.

Lots of rusty things.

I have no idea what most of that stuff. Bits like the hand drill and a few punches, those I recognize. Most are utterly foreign to me. I asked GhostDad, who has years of experience with tools, and he recognized some things (like a valve puller) but like me he was baffled at some of the things. The bits that I was able to identify lead me to believe that the previous owner was a mechanic of some sort, since many of the tools are engine-related. There are very few newer tools, most of them look to be decades old.

This box, a Ford piston rings box from the 1920s, was in the bottom portion. Notice the fine "patina"

There was one tool that baffled me more than the others. It looks to be handmade and I can’t imagine what it would be used for. At first I thought it might be a bullet mold of some kind, but bullet molds don’t have holes in the sides.

Since I’m curious as to what the hell this thing is, I thought I’d post a few pictures and see if anyone has any ideas.

The handles are different lengths, but it's about 18-20 inches long

The round hollow is about the size of a marble.

Close-up of the inside. Both sides have holes on the left and right of the center hollow.