I’ve signed up for a Macro Picture Postcard swap over on Swap-Bot and I’d like some help picking out the photos to turn into postcards.Just drop a note in the comments.

I will have two partners and I only have to send one postcard to each, but I will probably send two just to be nice. It’s a themed swap – the idea is to find or take macro (close-up) photos of things that are important to you. I chose to take photos rather than try to find images, so these are all mine. Unless they all suck, then it’s someone else’s fault.

The candidates;

#1 –

Coffee Swirl

It’s the inside of my stove-top espresso maker. Of course I would take photos of coffee.

#2 –


My well-loved pincushion that I have had forever. It’s a tomato.

#3 –

Yarn and Hook

My current work in progress, a granny square bag.

#4 –

Sleeping Fearless

My cat Fearless. She’s incredibly easy to photograph when she’s asleep – she barely twitches even if you use the flash.

#5 –


Another shot of my pincushion from a slightly different angle.

#6 –

Something Brewing

Another shot of my coffeemaker, while brewing. Every time I tried to take the photo I would move too close and the lens would fog up. That stuff is hot!

#7 –

Yarn Swirl

The center of a granny square. I’m not completely happy with this shot.

#8 –


A doodle I drew.