(For those who aren’t interested in crafty stuff, feel free to stroll on over to the Library of the Damned for my most recent attempt at humor.)


I recently signed up for an ATC swap that had an added twist – we couldn’t use paper.

An ATC is an Artist Trading Card – they are tiny works of art made from different mediums that are roughly the size of baseball cards. (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches)

ATC blanks, the undecorated cards, are usually cut out of paper and then embellished with paint or ink or whatever the artist wishes. Without paper I had to think of something else to serve as a blank. Luckily I have a big box of overhead transparencies!

It is very hard to photograph something made of a clear shiny material.

Since the plastic was so thin, I decided to stack several together. That got me thinking about layered designs and, after several attempts, I settled on this card – it’s overlapping layers of leaves done in tiny dots. Many, many tiny dots.

Lots of little dots.

Here you can see the individual layers, the two background pieces, and the clear envelope that holds them all together. I colored the backgrounds with different colors of sheer nail polish – they sparkle and shine and have a remarkable depth that a picture just can’t convey.

I didn’t glue the layers together, static electricity held them together pretty well and without glue the layers could be repositioned in different sequences to make different patterns. I made an envelope out of the same transparency so my partner could see the card and there would be no danger of the different layers getting lost.

A close-up, it looks much better in person.

  In hindsight, I do wish I had added more leaves and used a different color besides yellow. It didn’t show up very well.

I was just tired of making dots.