I was vaguely aware of bead sprites, I remember the little plastic beads you fuse together with an iron from when I was a kid but I had not really looked into it until I received my ATC from my swap partner SerenaAzureth for the No Paper Allowed swap.

This card is only 3.5 X 2.5 inches and about 1/16 of an inch thick

When I opened the envelope it came in and saw it, I couldn’t figure what it was made of. My first thought was polymer clay, but it didn’t quite look or feel like it. So I checked my swap partner’s profile and she had mentioned that most of her ATCs were bead sprites.There was also a linky to her DeviantArt page.

Holy crappity-crap.

She’s really super-talented – I am supremely jealous of whomever got the TARDIS card. I don’t think I’d have the paitence to deal with all those tiny pieces of plastic.

I started nosing around DA to see if there were more of these bead sprite things out there, and all I can say is “Damn.”

There are some really beautiful works of art out there – made entirely out of tiny pieces of melted plastic.


Most of the sprites I’ve found have been of fairly nerdy subjects – characters from cartoons, comic books, and video games for the most part. One fella in particular, DrOctoroc, has some incredibly detailed models. Some are even 3D!