I went out to dinner with several members of my family after a family function, and ended up sitting between Thing 1 and Thing 2 (mostly because I’m the best aunt ever.)

Thing 2, being a typical little sister, wants whatever her big sister has and this extends to food. If Thing one was eating cottage cheese and grapes, Thing 2 wanted cottage cheese and grapes. If Thing 1 had tomatoes and french fries, Thing 2 wanted tomatoes and french fries. And so on.

(I did at one point try to get Thing 2 to try my baked sweet potato by telling her it tasted like chocolate, but she just gave me The Look.)

We were nearly done eating when Thing 1, exasperated, told Thing 2 that if she didn’t stop copying what she was eating, that Thing 1 would copy her.

“But if you copy her and she’s copying you, wouldn’t you be copying yourself?” I asked Thing 1.

The increasingly puzzled look on her face as she tried to figure that out was priceless. I think I broke her brain.