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I’ve been going through some stuff recently and when I start getting overly anxious, I like to have something to do with my hands. That’s why I’ve been signing up for so many swaps – it gives me something else to occupy my thoughts than what I have been focusing on.

I wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday so I stayed home. I finished up on what I had the supplies to do and found myself at odds. I felt too bad to actually do anything active, but not so bad that I wanted to go to bed.

To the Internet!

I had some bright orange yarn that I was using to make small pumpkin cat toys for a swap partner, so I decided to look for a new flower pattern. Several random clicks later I found The Crafty Tipster’s free pattern for a spider mum. It looked easy, so I started it.

And, after what felt like ten thousand skinny petals, I finished it!

It's either a spider mum or a tribble with dreadlocks.

Now I have to figure out what to do with it. From petal tip to petal tip, it’s about seven inches wide, the circular base the petals attach to is only about 2.75 inches across. So far all I have the following;

  • Use it as a pot scrubber (tawashi) – it’s a rough acrylic yarn so it would work well
  • Make another one, stitch the two together, fill the middle with catnip and turn it into a cat toy.
  • Add googly eyes and turn it into my new blog mascot,  Miss Twinklelocks.
  • I don’t know, some sort of hat? Is there going to be another royal wedding soon?

I’m leaning towards cat toy, but that’s mainly because I’ve got a drawerful of tawashi that I rarely use.

(Tawashi is the Japanese word for a sponge or scrubbie – it has come to mean any crocheted or knitted scrubbie. They are usually cute and/or colorful, in different shapes like fish, fruit, or animals.)

The pattern works up pretty fast and it’s really easy – the only stitches used are a single crochet, a slip stitch, and a magic ring in the center. Repetitive, but easy.

I’m thinking if I make one in a smaller scale, maybe using sock yarn, I’ll have something that’s more useful. I might have to scare up some of my 100% wool and see how the pattern looks after it’s been felted.