On Thursday  I arrived at work as usual, put my lunch bag in the fridge, topped my coffee off with ice, and headed to the bathroom.

The bathrooms at work are in a little separate alcove – you open a door to a short hallway containing the doors for each restroom and there is an electrical/mechanical utility room at the very end. The cleaning crew usually turns the lights off in this tiny hallway, so if you’re the first one there (like I was) it’s very dark. I open the door and hear an odd noise, like water running. I flip on the light and see that part of the carpet is dark.

Oh, shit.

The men’s room is directly in front of the door you come in through, but the carpet was still dry there, so I headed down to where the women’s  and utility rooms were.  My first thought was a toilet was overflowing, but when I got closer I could hear the rushing of water coming from behind the utility room door – the locked utility room door. I get my key out and get the door open, there’s about an inch of water on the floor around my feet and I decide to leave the light off so I don’t acidentially fry myself. From the light in the hall I can see water gushing from a pipe against the far wall. At this point one of my coirkers comes in to the hall and things got busy.

We managed to get it shut off and a plumber to come out – it was the pipe feeding our irrigation system so they didn’t have to turn off all the water, which was a good thing. The hallway where the bathrooms are located and the two offices that share a wall with it were flooded, as was the utility room and part of the women’s room. We got a cleaning crew to come out and do what they could, they ended up hauling away most of what was stored in the utility room because the water ruined it. The carpets are partially ruined in the hall and two offices – the good news is that we have the kind of carpet that comes in big squares so it’s easy to replace only the damaged portions, but the bad news is … Well, guess where the spare carpet squares were being stored?

After all that I had to work for the rest of the day in damp shoes.

Overall, a “fun” day at work.