I like to think of myself as being a cynic, (I’m also a sarcastic smartass, but I’m just focusing on the cynical part of me right now.) I was actually a cynic before I even knew there was a name for what I was. This was thanks in large part to my interactions with my father, GhostDad.

GhostDad would often hold out a clenched fist that held some unknown item – it could be a piece of candy or an interesting dead insect he had found – and it was up to you to put you hand under it and catch whatever he let fall. I learned pretty quickly not to blindly stick my hand out, GhostSister was slightly slower in doing so.

Another one of GhostDad’s favorites was to point out the window if he was standing or sitting beside you, saying “Look! It’s a hot air balloon!” if you turned your head, he would tap you in the throat or tickle you. Again, GhostSister was slightly slower to catch on to this than I was. I still cover my throat if GhostDad points out a window and I’m within thumping range.

GhostSister has always been much more trusting than I have been, it’s part of why I love her. (And she’s my big sis, which places her slightly above Batman in my opinion.) When she met the fella who is now my GhostBrotherInLaw, or GhostBIL, he seemed nice enough. I can’t imagine what his first impression of our family was – the first night she brought him home to meet everyone, we were in the living room watching TV. There was a commercial on, I want to say it was the Weiner Nationals, that had us laughing so hard that I actually fell off the couch right about the time GhostBIL came into the room.

Not long after that we were going somewhere, dinner probably, and I was being the typical annoying little sister. GhostBIL told me that he had a glass eye, to which my response was “Bullshit.” He then pointed to what I much later learned was a scar from an eye surgery he had as a child and told me it was the seam for his glass eye. Okay, I’ll believe that. I didn’t give it much thought until years later when I revealed that I still believed that he had a glass eye. His response was to laugh like a loon and finally reveal that he did not, in fact, have a glass eye.

I guess I’m related to GhostSister after all.