Mother Dearest broke her camera this week.

She was taking pictures to put stuff on eBay – I’m not really sure what happened, she told me but all I heard was “Blah blah blah, I broke my camera.” She actually called me at work right after she did it to ask what kind of camera I had – she was shopping online for a replacement – and of course, being me, I replied without thinking with “A silver one.”

So she has a new camera on it’s way but in the mean time she’s using mine to take pictures to post on eBay. Which means I’m without a camera for a bit.

It’s driving me nuts. If I don’t take a picture of something soon, I’ll explode.

I like to carry my camera with me everywhere on the off chance I’ll see something I want to take a picture of. My purse feels weirdly lighter now.

Instead I’m using the time I would normally be taking pictures of random stuff to work on some robot sketches for a swap on Swap-Bot. I’d show you but, you know …can’t.

I’ll take pictures of them if I can wrestle the camera away from Mother Dearest long enough to do so.