I was cruising through TV Tropes on Wednesday, trying to look like I was working, when I decided to check in on the entry for my old friend, ITS MY LIFE.

I’m scrolling down, giggling like mad every so often, until I reach the bottom section, which lists some of the tropes found in the MSTings of the truly excretable fanfic.

The bottom two tropes have quotes from my Library of the Damned riffs as examples.

 Specifically, these quotes –

So GLaDOS’ super-effective plan was;
1. Give Chell a brain damage relapse so she would Booty Quake
2. Force Wheatley to watch Chell Booty Quake without him knowing he was being forced to do so.
3. Tell Marissa about the zombie-making potatoes curing brain damage.
4. ???
5. Profit! Marissa’s Emo-Gothification and the death of everyone!
Marissa laughs at GLaDOS, reminding her that she is immune to the nero …. nerdro … neuro … icky green farts.

:does happy dance:

The fact that someone thought well enough of something I wrote to quote it on another site thrills me down to my freshly-painted toenails.