Today I’m not going to post a picture of one of my cats – I’m gonna post pictures of one of my sister’s cats.

That looks extremely uncomfortable.

This is Bad Kitty, a cat my sister got in a roundabout way – he was passed down to her via a friend of her sister-in-law who was moving or something and could not take him along. He seems to be mostly Maine Coon but has a bobtail or “bunny tail” as Thing One calls it.

He is, as cats go, a pretty big fella. I’d say he’s about the size of Fearless, around twenty-five pounds or so, but his body is shorter and stockier than hers is and he doesn’t have her long bushy tail and extra long fur.

A bushelful of Bad Kitty - that's a large round laundry basket he's barely fitting into.

Here is the story of how Bad Kitty came to have his name.

I went over to my sister’s house one Saturday to do laundry, Bad Kitty had arrived a few days earlier and spent much of his time hiding. I had heard from GhostSister that they had a new cat and was curious to see it. Thing One, who was five or so at the time, was bouncing around when I got there and she wanted to tell me about the new cat. This is what she said, nearly word for word, in one long rush –

We have a new kitty his name is Bad Kitty – Bad Kitty scratched Daddy and Daddy calls him Bad Kitty his name is Bad Kitty now can I have a cookie?

Wisely I decided not to give her any more sugar, but the name stuck. He’s really a sweet cat, mostly a big lump that sleeps all the time.

You woke me up for this?

Oh, is this your laundry bag? I thought it was a cat-bed. Same thing, really.