I finished my Robot ATCs and Mother Dearest finally gave me back my camera, so here they are!

The inked but unpainted cards - I actually started painting one before I realized I had forgotten to take the picture.

I doodled a bunch of cute little robots on a piece of scrap paper, and then picked the best ones to turn into cards. I lightly drew each one in pencil and then got out my teeny-tiny liner brush and a bottle of India ink. I did not use a pen at all to make these – it’s all brushwork.

And now – close-ups!



I decided to use a combination of watercolors and color pencil to color them in – the robots are done in watercolor and the backgrounds are scribbled in with pencil.

I'm happy with the way they turned out.

I was only supposed to send one card to my partner, but I’m sending all four. I wouldn’t want to break up the band!

Now that that’s done, I’ve got to go draw an Art Deco card for another partner. More about that one later.