I went yard sale-ing with Mother Dearest on Saturday.

We were winding up – it was nearly noon and getting late for sales – when we spotted a sign for a church thrift store. We didn’t have any other prospects in the area, so we went.

It was a tiny place, about the size of a large bathroom, but there was an attached garage-like area where there were boxes of old books stacked up. I saw something familiar in one of the boxes – booklets of sheet music.


I love old sheet music – these books were from the late Sixties to the mid Seventies, so they are considered vintage – because of the paper. Old sheet-music paper has a higher rag content – it’s much thicker and stronger than modern paper. That makes it perfect for envelopes.

Sheet music was made sturdy, to hold up to repeated use, so it makes beautiful envelopes that are very sturdy. The stuff I got – at three booklets for a dollar! – is not very valuable as music since there’s nothing really rare or special about them They’re really worn around the edges and the covers are torn and stained, but the centers of each page are still sound. Some of the pages have annotations in red pencil or pen, which ruins their value historically but I think it makes them more interesting visually.

Seen here under my most recent ATC, which is on its way to America's Hat.

I’m a very happy Ghostie.

I’ve had several of my swap partners comment on my envelopes, a couple even wanted to know where I bought them. They seemed surprised when I told them that I had made them myself. It’s not like it’s very hard – a little cutting, a little glue or tape and boom! You’re done.

Why buy something when you can make it yourself?