My brain is not cooperating with me anymore.

I think of really great blog topics while I’m driving back and forth to work, but as soon as I sit down and start typing, the thoughts vanish.

Damn stupid useless brain. I should poke you with a Q-Tip.

When I’d doing something else –  driving, crocheting, doodling – my brain responds with “Hey, you’re not busy! Here’s a bunch of random shit people might find interesting!” As soon as I sit in front of the computer where those random thoughts might actually do some good, my brain changes gears. “Oh, you’re busy now! We’ll just stuff all this interesting stuff in this closet so you aren’t distracted. Except for this thing about Smurfs. You can keep that.”

So I’m left with a few stray thoughts about Smurfs – mainly how Jokey Smurf should be considered a terrorist, since his only “job” in the communist society of the Smurf Village is to blow things up – and nothing else.

While I’m sure that there is some dark corner of the Internet where people argue all day about such things, I’m not really interested in becoming a part of that community.