Regular readers (both of you) will remember my original yarn blossom –

It's now a cat toy.

I liked the pattern but didn’t like how big the flower was, so I dug out my sock yarn and made another one.

Not very impressive.

The sock yarn lacked the bulk of the worsted, so I made another with a tiny difference – I added an extra row of petals behind the last.

Much better.

It was fuller, but I still wasn’t happy with it. I decided to make the petals less like strings and more like petals, so instead of following the original directions, which called for a row of slip stitches back down to the base of the petal, I looped it over and used a slip stitch the fasten it to the loop the other end was anchored to.

Me likey.

I liked this version better and have made several versions trying to work out the kinks. I can turn them out at a fair clip now – approximately two hours from start to finish.

A white mohair blend - a bitch to work with since it likes to "stick" to itself but oh, so soft. Like a crocheted cloud.

 I made one of wool and plan on washing it several times to see what it looks like felted.

Blue alpaca wool - nearly as soft as the mohair but not as fiddly to work with.

  I even got out my crochet thread to make a tiny one to see how it looked.

This one is about an inch and a half across.


I liked the way it came out so much, I went and got some pink and purple embroidery floss and made a second one (which I forgot to photograph) and made it into a hairclip for GhostSister as a birthday gift.

I will probably continue to fiddle with the pattern until I get it to look “right”, it still needs something and I’m not sure what.