I was in a homemade tote bag swap this week – we had to send a Halloween-themed tote bag.

And what’s more Halloween than candy corn?

Lots of stuff, but I already had candy corn fabric. So I made a candy corn tote bag.

Fearless helped. A lot.

I had a little less than half a yard of the candy corn material when I was done and I have been kicking around an idea for a while that I wanted to try. Since the swap was just for one bag and I had already made that, I figured I could play a bit.

After fiddling with some white, yellow and orange flannel and the fabric, I had something similar to what was in my head.

It's a tote bag! (You'll notice Fearless hasn't moved.)

And after quite a bit of stuffing …

Candy corn!

I based it on the little strawberry bag I have, I had to make the corner pocket bigger to accommodate the thicker fabric and bigger bag. Compressed down it was about the size of an apple, so still fairly compact.

Now I want to make one for myself – with a wider white tip and more yellow so it looks more like a real candy corn. I need to get more candy corn fabric, though – I used the last bit to line the candy corn bag.

Fearless can't wait. She LOVES to help.