So today’s the first day of NaNoWriMo.


Last weekend as I was reviewing my notes, I had the “bright idea” to try to rework a few things because the premise suddenly made no sense. So I ended up pretty much rewriting my entire outline from scratch two days before the start of NaNoWriMo.

Double gah.

I was going over my notes once again last night and stumbled over a problem. It might just be me and the fact that I’ve gone over the same information about a million times, but I think I see a potential issue.

My story is loosely based on Cinderella with the evil stepmother as antagonist and a plucky young female protagonist, Jinx. 

The backstory for the relationship is this – upon the death of her father, Jinx’s stepmother learns that he left everything to his daughter and she will get nothing.  Enraged, she contrives to have the girl declared insane and confined to an asylum with herself as the girl’s guardian so that she has access to the family’s wealth, which comes from a single factory that produces a fabric called Dragonskin – a fireproof cloth used in airships and industrial applications that is incredibly expensive. The factory is the only place in the world that makes it and the only person who knew the formula was the deceased father.

 After over a year of trying to have the process replicated and failing – she’s also near the end of the reserve materials and has burned through much of the family fortune – the evil stepmother visits Jinx on the off-chance that her father told her something about the formula. She learns that Jinx does indeed know the formula but refuses to help her unless she takes her out of the asylum.  (Medical technology is around early 19th century standards, so it’s a nasty place.) They reach a sort of stalemate – the stepmother is still Jinx’s guardian so she doesn’t have access to her family’s wealth and if she stops working for her stepmother she’ll get tossed back in the asylum, but Jinx oversees the production of the Dragonskin that assures her stepmother and stepsisters can continue to live the life they are accustomed to.

Since her stay in the crazy house is well-known Jinx can’t tell anyone what happened because they wouldn’t believe her, and if she tried taking the formula to a rival company they would never believe that it was the real formula since there are countless conmen with counterfeit formulas for Dragonskin. The evil stepmother treats Jinx as an unpaid drudge, constantly threatening to send her back and resenting having to rely on someone she loathes so throughly. Jinx could simply offer to trade the formula for her freedom, but since her stepmother is her legal guardian she has no assurances that she won’t be tossed back into an asylum once she’s handed it over. She would also be penniless, since her stepmother refuses to give her a single cent.

Does this situation seem at least a little plausible? I’ve gone over it so many times that the dynamic is  starting to sound a bit odd again. maybe I’m overthinking things again.