Saturday night/Sunday morning I had an odd dream.

I was pushing a library cart, with Simon riding along inside, across a bridge.This was the most normal part, since I often dream about my cats.

The library cart was a new twist, though.

This sort of thing, but with a cat on top.


About halfway across the bridge I decided to go to my sister’s house, for reasons that are no longer clear to me. I get to her house, only it’s not the house she lives in now. This was some giant two-story number with a big double staircase that would be better suited to Better Homes & Gardens.

And the entire house was full of toys.

Like this, but with stairs and fewer Marines.


And my brother in law was sitting on the stairs, trying to tell me the difference between an apple and a chocolate bar.

There's a difference?


Halfway through I started looking for a bathroom, which is when I woke up and ran for the real thing.

No more espresso before bed.