It’s time again for Weird Work Files – and today I have visual aides!

Like just about any bank these days, [ghostbank] has a drive-thru window – the kind where there are pneumatic tubes that pass back-and-forth from inside to the outside.

It’s normal for people to drive off with the tubes from time to time – people in a hurry will sit the tube down inside the car and just drive off. We have extras just for that reason. Occasionally someone who has driven off with the tube will bring it back, they often just run inside and drop it off at my desk rather than wait through the teller line. Some people are embarrassed, some are apologetic, most are indifferent.

And then there was the one last week.

She brought the tube back and it was … in less than pristine condition. Her explanation?

"It was like that when I got it."


This sort of thing has happened before, it usually means someone dropped the tube and drove over it. That also happens with depressing regularity, the tubes are pretty strong and rarely get broken unless they get hit in just the right place.