Firefly has added an additional layer of weirdness to her Cavalcade of Crazy – she’s become a jumper.

For some reason she has decided that she needs to randomly jump off of whatever she is sitting on and launch herself at me. Specifically, my shoulder.

GhostDad has started calling her my “parrot”.

I can sometimes tell when she’s going to do it, if I happen to be looking at her when she decides to express her love via a flying tackle. She gets this Crazy Look in her eyes.

Her Crazy Look - only slightly different from her Regular Look.

If I don’t happen to be looking at her, I get no warning. One minute I’m standing there, the next minute ten pounds of furry feline is licking me on the cheek and I’ve collected a few new scratches on my back.

Because she doesn’t want to fall off, she digs in when she lands. Hard. It hurts – a lot. And there is really no good way to remove a determined cat from your shoulder without causing yourself more damage. I can usually get her to jump back down if I get close to the back of one of the recliners and bend down a little, that way she can just walk off without gouging out any more of my flesh.

I’m just glad Fearless hasn’t decided to copy her little sister.

This would probably take my arm off.