It’s NaNoWriMo update time!

As of Thursday night I was at 23,516 words.

So far I have managed to keep to my self-imposed goal of doing at least two thousand words a day, most of the time I’m closer to twenty-five hundred.

The one exception so far was last Sunday, when I spent most of the day scrambling to finish a big swap project (more about that next week) and only managed to gather up the energy to write about five hundred words.

Isn't my handwriting terrible?

The mystery project involved both Batman and math.

Tuesday was another low-word day, I chose to finish my Library of The Damned post first before working on the NaNovel and time just wasn’t on my side.

I try to pile up the words early precisely for that reason – because I know I’m going to have some sort of problem – a project, writer’s block, Thanksgiving and the attendant family-time – that will keep me from reaching the daily required word count, so I like to bank a little to hedge my bets.

Plot-wise I’m feeling pretty good about where the story is heading – Madame Lennox (evil stepmother) is coming across as a scheming social climber in public and a petty and vindictive tyrant in private, but Jinx has turned out a bit more withdrawn and taciturn than I had originally envisioned her. There are parts of the narrative that could use some reshaping, but so far I’m generally pleased with the results.