It’s NaNoWriMo update time! Yay.

My word tally as of Thursday night is 35,064.

Monday I had a terrible, eye-melting migraine and stayed home from work. I managed to get in the minimum recommended word-count, but it was a real struggle since I was having trouble concentrating on anything. Tuesday I was completely blocked, I think I managed about two hundred words and ended up deleting most of them the next day.

Like this, but in my brain.

 I even tried to work on my Library of The Damned post and ended up scrapping the first draft because it was such crap. Things picked up on Wednesday, I finished up my LoTD post and cranked out my two thousand, but I’m having trouble with the narrative. I think I’m going to have to skip ahead in my outline a bit and go back later to fill things in.