NaNoWriMo update time!

I have actually “won”, reaching a total word-count of 50129! I’m not actually finished, not even close, but now I’m not pushing myself quite as hard to get my daily word-count goal met. I’m going back and filling in a few areas that I sort of skipped over, so my word-count will probably go up but I’m  not going to be as vigilant about updating it.

Today is the infamous Black Friday – the day most retail stores have all kinds of sales trying to draw in the teeming hordes of shoppers.

I personally have never shopped on Black Friday and never want to – it seems like a big hassle to save five dollars on a waffle maker, so I will be staying home and working on a craft project or maybe doing some writing. I might do a bit of web-browsing, I still have a few people I need to find gifts for. Normally I shop early, but this year I have been a slacker and do not have as much shopping done as I would like.

But there is no way I’m going out shopping on Black Friday.