I’m putting this under Weird Work Files even though it’s not technically a work-thing, but it’s funny.

You’ll see.

Several years ago one of my coirkers – now an ex-coirker who manages another branch of [ghostbank] – was playing golf one weekend with some of his friends. Gambling was involved. Coirker scored a touchdown or whatever it is makes you win in golf and collected his winnings – twenty dollars each – from most of his friends. One of these friends did not have any cash (I guess he hadn’t planned on losing) so my coirker told him he could just send it to him. He also made a joking off-hand remark that he would just charge him a lunch as interest.

As I have mentioned previously, I sort the mail when it comes in. One day not long after this game my coirker received a small flat-rate box that was surprisingly heavy and made odd rattling noises. I took it back to his office and lingered long enough to see what he had received.

The box contained the following:

  • Ten rolls of nickels, each worth $2.
  • The remains of a bologna sandwich in a plastic bag.
  • Shards of pulverized potato chips in another plastic bag.
  • Three quarters taped to an index card that had “FOR A SODA” printed on it.

His friend had not only paid him back, he had even paid the interest and sent him a lunch, which was a bit worse for wear after traveling through the postal system in a box containing ten rolls of nickels.

I have no idea who this friend was, but I admire his style.


*TANSTAAFL is an acronym coined by my favorite author Robert Heinlein, it stands for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”