I’m sitting on my futon, listening to Fearless snore, and trying to come up with something clever to write about but I can’t.

I want marshmallows – toasted marshmallows.

I’ve wanted some toasted marshmallows for the past few days but haven’t done anything about for some reason.

But I was sitting here listening to Fearless and berating myself for not buckling down and writing and just telling myself to ignore that little voice that wanted marshmallows when it occurred to me – I’m a grown woman with my own money and my own car. I can drive myself to the store and get marshmallows whenever I want.

I have those voices in my head all the time – the little naggling ones that tell me “You can’t do that, it won’t work.”

But there’s also that little voice that says, “Fuck that – let’s go get some marshmallows!”

I should listen to that little voice more often – she has some good points.