…But I am sorely tempted to.

I finally received my Geeky Craft Swap and I was very … underwhelmed. And a bit peeved.

For a refresher, here is what I sent to my partner, who was not the same person who sent my package to me.

I WILL make one of these for myself - someday.


I carefully read my partner’s profile, selected something she liked, and constructed my project around it, as I try to do with all my swaps.

I received a message from the sender on 12/2 that she was going to send it that day, when I got it the postmark was from 12/9.

Here is what I received on Monday.



The Union Jack is a postcard and reads:

Thanks for being the most patient swap partner in the universe! I made this pouch for you out of an old wool sweater I felted & the label on the front came on a pair of jeans I bought my son. thought it would be a nice place to stash a cool notebook for your ‘doodles’ =) Also the pouch I made from a tie & it’s the perfect size for pantyliners or condoms … whatever. the buttons are vintage from my collection

I am accustomed to receiving swaps that have differing levels of craftsmanship and do not rate down because what I got wasn’t up to my own personal standards.  While it does look like she put some effort into it, with the exception on the small ball of yarn, none of the items I received really had anything to do with my profile at all, not to mention any of the many geeky things I list as things I like or enjoy. (You can read my Swap-Bot profile here)

I went back and checked on the original swap text, just to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding things.

The text of the swap reads like this;

It’s not fair! The ATCers get all the fun topics!
Well, not anymore. This is a broad topic, and if it takes off, I’ll make it more specific in future swaps!
For this swap, you will take your favorite craft and create something geeky based on your partners profile. For example: If I sew, and my partner loves Doctor Who…I might sew them a Doctor Who based pillow or custom design them a shirt. Or if I scrapbook, and my partner loves Supernatural…I might make them a greeting card or a small Supernatural scrapbook. This can also mean an entire genre, not just television. Steampunk, Diselpunk, Gamers, Zombies, etc…
The one rule is, the craft can not be an ATC!
I’m giving everyone two weeks to get this together. Ratings must be above a 4.8 and completed 10 type 3 swaps before. Sorry for the strickness, but that’s life. I’m sure there will be more of these in the future. 🙂
Also, this is international because some peoples favorites aren’t American!
Happy Swapping, Everyone!!
While checking profiles, I noticed a couple of people hadn’t listed what makes them geeky or what they nerd out about. So please, update your profile or drop a note to your partner or leave a comment here about it
If you don’t tell your partner, and you don’t mention it on your profile or comments, you can not rate a 3 if you get something the sender feels you should have. Being communicative is just as important in a swap like this

While my profile doesn’t have a specific section marked “These are things I am geeky for” there are many things mentioned that are considered geeky that the sender could have incorporated into any of the items she sent me – even a single appliqué from one of the geeky things I like would have met the requirements.

I messaged the swap coordinator (who was nice enough to message me to check and see if I had been flaked on, since the sender never bothered to contact her) and asked for her advice. The sender has almost two hundred swaps under her belt and a perfect 5.00, I don’t want to be the one responsible for ruining that but I don’t think I can truthfully give her a good rating based on what she sent me.

Am I overreacting? Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?