This isn’t exactly a weird work thing, but it is something tha happened on the way to work and I’m still sort of angry about it.

The time I drive to work is pretty busy with a lot of traffic – the closer you get to town the heavier the traffic gets. The road I take is primarily four lanes but there is a section where the southbound side widens to three lanes and a turning lane briefly – the third lane merges back into the outside lane about a hundred yards or so from the intersection in question.

Tuesday morning I was stuck in traffic about fifty yards from where the third lane/turning lane begins in the outside lane. The shoulder is pretty wide right there but it is mostly red dirt and gravel. This big pickup truck comes smoking down the shoulder towards where the third lane begins, as traffic begins to move he ends up slightly behind me, still driving on the shoulder, and then zooms past. Instead of moving into the turning lane once the third lane opens up, this big truck guns it once it gets into the third lane and breezes through the intersection, only to be brought up short when the lane begins to peter out. This happens pretty regularly, people think they can cut in front of traffic if they time things right, but this fella’s timing was off and he ends up on the shoulder again.

I’m a pretty courteous driver and will usually let people into traffic even when I have the right of way, but I was in no mood to let this idiot back into my lane after he had tried to jump in front of me. All the other cars he had just sped past seemed to have the same idea as no one was inclined to let him in. He got fed up right about the time I was coming along side him again and he started driving beside me, still on the shoulder, and honked his horn at me.

I ignored him and made sure there was not enough room between me and the car ahead of mine for him to try to squeeze in – it wasn’t hard since we were going about four inches an hour at that point. When he finally gave up and turned down an access road that would take him back to the intersection he had tried to hurry through (or to a rock quarry on the other end) I felt far more pleased with myself then I should have. 

I’m sure he had a few choice words to say to me at that point, but I’m finding it hard to find a damn to give.