When I came home on Wednesday we had a couple of little visitors – the Things were visiting so that SantaSister would have time to go Christmas shopping. It’s always good to see the girls and I was looking forward to spending time with them, but as I was having dinner I noticed that something was wrong with Simon – he was limping pretty badly and his paw is swollen.

Simon’s picked up the bad habit recently of trying to use the carpet as a scratching post and has gotten his claws caught in the Berber several times, even after we trimmed his claws. Both Mother Dearest and I have felt his paw and arm and can find no breaks or bites that might have caused the swelling. What probably happened – and it has happened before – is that his claw got caught and he pulled too hard and sprained something. Luckily I have the dog kennel from the last time he injured himself and I’m keeping him isolated so he doesn’t hurt himself trying to go up and down the stairs or jumping up and down off the furniture.

I got the cage set up and went to get the bowls that clamp to the wire and … no clamps. I look everywhere with the Things’ “help” but could not find those thing anywhere. I was very, very tempted to say every bad word I know (which is a lot) but the girls’ presence had a censoring effect on me. I made a late-night run to Wal-mart for new ones because I did not want to leave Simon out and risk him hurting himself worse.

He is, of course, thrilled about all of this. I know I’m doing it for his own good, but he keeps giving me those big sad eyes and looking especially pathetic in the hopes that I’ll let him out.

Let me out!