GhostSister and her brood came over on Saturday for dinner, lasagna, and the annual exchange of gifts. Since the Things aren’t big fans of lasagna, we made them individual baked spaghetti portions – in little gingerbread men dishes.

This is the closest I've ever come to anything vaguely Martha Stewart-ish.

This led to my favoritest quote of all time from Thing 1 –

"I ate his heart, Aunt Ghostie!"

And then came everyone’s favorite part – presents!

Before ... (Fearless wanted to eat the pretty boxes so badly.)

And after.

Among their various treasures were a couple of Ring Pops that were tied to the outside of a package – the Things were very interested in these and were asking about them before dinner, during dinner, and right up until the point they passed out presents.

Want to guess which one got the blue Ring Pop?