So what is Ghostie doing on her exciting and fun-filled day off?

Nothing much, working on stuff mostly and goofing off.

I was sitting on the couch and taping together my laundry baskets again when Looney Tunes came on.

I am very attached to these baskets. Plus I hate shopping for new things when the old ones are still mostly usable.

Cartoon Network actually has a brand-new iteration of the Looney Tunes that’s different from the old shorts I remember, more like an ongoing storyline that random isolated events. I’m not sure I like it as I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but there are Coyote and Roadrunner shorts (in CGI) that are just as good as the originals, if slightly less screwball.

I also made some new toys for the cats, I crocheted a few balls for them and put catnip inside. You can see two of them in the photo. Their favorite is not shown, it got chased down the hall into the living room by Big Fluff.

I wrestled it away from Fearless for a minute. She growled at me.

It’s made of jute packing twine, which is very durable (a plus for cat toys) but hell on the hands when you’re working with it because it’s very stiff and rough. I stuffed a small vending machine capsule with a couple of beans inside of it into that ball so that it rattles. I think I’ll have to do that in the future with the other balls I make.