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What To Wear

So I’ve decided to go to Dragon*Con, but now I face the hardest choice – what the hell am I gonna wear?

I’ve seen pictures of the costumes people wear to these things and it’s a bit intimidating.

Wow, Disney has gotten weird.

I’m thinking of maybe making a few accessories and just wear my regular clothes. The big thing I want to make is my own Batman bag.

Hi, Mom!

All that sewing ... :groans:

Instead of the classic black and yellow, I’m planning to raid my fabric stash and do a real patchwork if I have enough contrasting colors for it. I’ll have to see I have in the stash. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? You guys like the classic look or would something in multi-colors look better? Or would it be too busy?

As a bonus – I’ll have a new tote bag!


Girl Stuff

I’d make a terrible man, and not just because I’d be constantly drinking water and trying to write my name on things. One of the best things about being a girl, aside from being able to blame a bad mood on the way your hair looks, is that I can carry a big-ass bag with me everywhere I go.

Cute, right?

Guys can’t really do that, unless they have one of those man satchel … things. They look more like luggage than a purse.

A quick inventory of my purse reveals a bunch of stuff. Coins, wallet, cell phone, (which is never on) my Kindle, a book, lots of pens and pencils, a notepad, tape measure,two coin purses, (one made from a tiny sock) my wrist brace, flashlight, and other bits and pieces.

And this is after I picked out all the old receipts, scratchers, and candy wrappers. The cat wasn't in the bag.

And yes, I am aware that I have both an e-reader and a paperback in my bag. I like having options.

But the fact that I have so much stuff is proving very hard on my bag, the lining is starting to split. So I have to find a new purse to fit all my shit in, which isn’t something I’m looking forward to. I have other bags, but I really like my cherry bag. Maybe I should try to find some fabric and make another bag.


I’m having some difficulties with my current sketching project that are making me want to run screaming into the street. And then I browse around deviantArt and find something like this.

Just look at the transparency in the cross-hatching, the subtle shading – I’m floored. The arm position is a bit odd, but it’s just a beautiful piece.

Fish Kisses by Magedon

Say “Ahhhhh”

Since I’m spending another Saturday looking at dog pictures, you should too.


By the talented powerwall

Story Time

Gather ’round, boys and girls and that weird sexless person from Starbucks who breathes funny, and I shall tell you a wonderous tale.

Once upon a time there was a Land of Toast. Toast was the most important thing in the land and people spent hours and hours working tedious jobs in exchange for toast that they would then exchange for things like new shoes or milkshakes. Much of this toast was in fact imaginary, existing only in magical machines called computers. There were places called Toast Stores where people spent all day moving the imaginary toast around in the computers. It was frightfully dull work. The Toast Stores also had Secure Toast Closets where supplies of toast were kept for those who didn’t want to play with the imaginary toast and preferred to carry around their toast in their pockets.

At one of these Toast Stores there worked a young(ish) being called Toastbat. Toastbat came into work each day and walked past the Secure Toast Closet, which had many different shiny locks on it, to put her lunch in the lunch room. This day the door to the Secure Toast Closet was still shut when she walked past, which Toastbat thought was quite peculiar. When she walked into the lunch room, she found one of her co-workers talking on the phone. It was hard to understand what the co-worker was saying, but it appeared that she was losing her shit.

The shiny locks on the door of the Secure Toast Closet had a special clock that had to be set each night for a specific length of time and there was always someone who checked to make sure the time was right. This was to prevent someone setting the time wrong; for instance, if someone who was going on vacation set the clock for a weekend rather than for a regular day and the person they asked to check it was also going to be out the next day and didn’t notice that the time was wrong. This would mean that the Secure Toast Closet could not be opened at the right time and people would not be able to get their toast when they wanted it. It would also mean that the workers at the Toast Store would have to spend a busy day trying to find toast from other Toast Stores in the area and telling-but-not-telling people that they couldn’t open the Secure Toast Closet to get into the special cabinets that those people had rented inside the Secure Toast Closet to store valuable things like butter and jam, since folks seem to get upset when they hear that sort of thing.

(This is all hypothetical, of course.)

Where Has This Been All My Life?

Pinterest features a lot of different fonts that aren’t really letters but different symbols of different things, much like the Wing-Ding fonts that come built-in, but with more specific interests. I found this interesting but not that big of a deal until I stumbled across this font called Hall of Heroes.

Batman is B. I find that funnier than I should.


I recognize quite a few of them; Batman, Superman, both types of Transformers, Thundercats, several Robins, Captain Atom, Punisher, several Green Lanterns and Flash symbols, and a few more. I was actually surprised at how many I knew.

Book Review – The Hunger Games Trilogy

When I bought my Kindle among the books the previous owner left on it was the Hunger Games trilogy. I just finished the last book, Mockingjay, last night. I was reserving judgment on the books until I finished the whole series and have come to the conclusion that they were … okay.

For those who haven’t read the books, I’ll give a very brief synopsis. The series is set in a far future dystopian world with a fairly unique premise. The country of Panem is divided into fourteen districts – the Capitol, districts 1-12, and a destroyed thirteenth district. Seventy-four years before the beginning of the first book there was a great big war that nearly destroyed the country and is the reason there isn’t a thirteenth district anymore. After the end of the war the Capitol decided to punish the surviving districts by holding the Hunger Games every year – two tributes are chosen by lot from each district and made to fight to the death in an arena packed with death traps for the amusement of the Capitol’s citizens and the rest of the districts are forced to watch the televised Games by the Capitol. The books follow Katniss, a girl from District 12 who volunteers to take her little sister’s place in the Seventy-Fourth Games and her fellow tribute Peeta. There’s more, but I don’t do spoilers. Go read Wikipedia for that shit.

The world-building the author has done is good, each district has its own character and the Capitol has a very decadent, late Roman Empire feel. The author does seem to have an obsession with bread; each district has it’s own kind, bread features in several pivotal scenes, and the male protagonist is the son of a baker. Even the country’s name, Panem, comes from the Latin phrase “Panem et circenses”  or “Bread and circuses.”There’s also numerous references to fire and things burning that I feel to be a bit heavy-handed, but tolerable.

The entire thing is written in the first-person from Katniss’ point of view and I find the style a bit limited. There are points when a different perspective would have really helped the plot, especially in the third book when she spends much of the time doped to her gills after a series of injuries. Katniss also veers dangerously close to Mary Sue territory because she can instantly read the symbolic meaning in the smallest gesture from a few characters, but even after Peeta repeatedly confesses his love for her, she assumes he’s playing some sort of role so that sponsors will send them food and supplies during the Games because, as Peeta says, “She has no idea. The effect she can have.”

It’s written for young adults so even though there are numerous deaths, the author doesn’t linger on each detail. The continued theme of Peeta and Katniss’ relationship means that there is quite a bit of kissing in places but nothing more graphic than that. Some of the plot points are pretty obvious, but there were enough surprises to keep me happy. Unlike the Twilight books, the female protagonist isn’t some limp, cardboard cutout content to worship a cut-rate undead Gary Glitter but is a pretty badass chick who has no problem taking care of herself.

I’d read it again, which is my ruler for how good a book is, but it doesn’t have the complexity of, say, the Harry Potter series. If I had to give them a grade, I’d say they were a solid B.

Guess What?

It’s that very special day when I celebrate my continuing existence with a festively decorated pastry.

That’s right – it’s my birthday!

Feel free to congratulate me for managing such awesome tricks as blinking, sneezing, and sleeping by sending me a chocolate cake or a Thai lady-boy who will clean my bathroom.

Given the choice, I'd prefer the cake - unless the lady-boy does laundry, too.

Rainy Days

I may have mentioned this before, but I do my laundry on the weekends and like to hang it up to dry. With the weather acting the way it has (cold, wet, grey, and all around crappy) drying everything outside really isn’t an option. I can hang the big stuff up to dry in the bathroom, but the littler bits take up too much room.

Which is why I love our rack thingy. It’s not one of the drying racks you see all over the place that look a bit like scissors on the side.


Like this.


I do have one like that but I rarely use it bacaue I just can’t fit a lot on it.

Not like our rack thingy.


AKA the FROST drying rack from IKEA


If you live or visit anywhere near an IKEA store, you need to get one of these things. Look at all that space! Every one of those cross-pieces can be used to hang things up. I can fit an entire week’s worth of underpinnings on this thing and still only use half the space. And I’m a large-ish person, someone smaller than myself could probably fit some of their regular clothes on it. And once you’re done with it, it folds up to be only about an inch thick.

The individual bars aren’t incredibly strong but well up to the task at hand, and the shape is very stable. I’ve loaded it up with heavy, wet clothing before and it has never tipped over and I have yet to break it – which is saying something, since I have a long history of breaking things just by using them.

Stocked Up

I was working on a project and needed a photo of a dog as reference. My go-to resource for drawing references is deviantArt, they have an entire section under photography filled with stock images people have taken and posted for others to use. They even post tutorials so you can get help drawing what you find pictures of. Which I’m going to need since I have no access to actual dogs.


I love in-depth tutorials. There's one for noses as well.