I was off on Monday so Mother Dearest and I decided to hit a couple of the area thrift stores. One stop netted me a bucket-load of vintage gaming goodness…

With all the brawny, bare-chested barbarians featured in game art, you would think more women would be interested in tabletop games.

DragonQuest was something I had never heard of, but it’s very similar to Dungeons and Dragons with booklets of different abilities and several large hex grid maps for playing.

The big square games were something new. They are called “album games” since they are roughly the size of a record album. One of the games actually has a small notice on the cover that stresses the fact that there is not a phonograph record inside.

The package is the game board – it flips open and the section holding the little pieces slides off so you can play and the instructions slide into the cover.

As explained by these nifty drawings.

It’s a pretty neat idea, sort of a portable gaming surface, but the playing area is so small!

For some things, size DOES matter.

The company that made these games, Yaquinto, made many different versions – as well as the standard sword and sorcery themes there were some that were pirate-themed, some that were zombie-themed, some that were gangster-themed, and so on – with the same basic format. They went out of business back in 1983 and the different games can be found on eBay for anywhere from fifteen dollars to a hundred dollars depending on the game and condition.

I got several “grab bags” of stuffed animals, mostly because I like stuffed animals, and in one of them was this little monkey.

I already had the cat.

Since I was already online looking up the album games, I looked up the monkey. There is one for sale on eBay for forty dollars.

This is what Google thinks "forty dollars" looks like.

As Mother Dearest often says, “Just because something is listed for that much, that doesn’t mean it will sell for that much” and she’s right.

But it does mean that someone held this little monkey in their hand and said to themselves (or to the voices in their head) “I think someone would pay me forty dollars for this!”

Sure it’s cute, but damn – that’s almost two months of food and litter for the cats.


So close, Google.