I was working the phones, as I usually do, and got a call from one of those survey people. You know, the ones that talk so fast you can’t really understand what they are saying, but the gist of it is “Answer these questions so we know who to sell your phone number to.”

She started out polite enough, wanting to know if I could answer a few questions. I asked her what sort of questions did she want to ask me, which was simple enough, and she interpreted that to mean “Go ahead and ask.” because that’s when she launched into her script instead of answering my fairly simple question.

So I hung up on her.

The phone rings a minute later and it’s the same girl. She launches into the same introduction speech so instead of asking her what sort of questions she wanted to ask me, I just said “No.” It seemed to throw her for a second, because she said “What?” so I said “No.” again. I had to say it several more times as she seemed to have a hard time understanding what I was saying. I guess I had gone off her script. I was tempted to hang up again, but she probably would have called back. I did finally get her to hang up, so it worked out in the end.

I never did find out what sort of survey she was trying to do.