I had my last long weekend for a while this weekend, so I was hoping to do something different. So what did I do?

Crocheted hats and watched Batman: Arkham City  walkthroughs on YouTube.

It was awesome.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the best video gamer in the world but I love to watch gameplay videos. And I love Batman, so I picked a Batman video to watch. To have something to do during the fights between the story bits, I had yarn and was practicing my crochet stitches by making hats. The pattern I use is super-simple and requires almost no thought on my part. I’m planning on donating them when [ghostbank] does their donation drive over the holidays this year. It’s a good way for my to get practice while working through some of my stash.

Arkham City kicked major ass and I made three and a half hats.


Yay hats!