I may have mentioned this before, but I do my laundry on the weekends and like to hang it up to dry. With the weather acting the way it has (cold, wet, grey, and all around crappy) drying everything outside really isn’t an option. I can hang the big stuff up to dry in the bathroom, but the littler bits take up too much room.

Which is why I love our rack thingy. It’s not one of the drying racks you see all over the place that look a bit like scissors on the side.


Like this.


I do have one like that but I rarely use it bacaue I just can’t fit a lot on it.

Not like our rack thingy.


AKA the FROST drying rack from IKEA


If you live or visit anywhere near an IKEA store, you need to get one of these things. Look at all that space! Every one of those cross-pieces can be used to hang things up. I can fit an entire week’s worth of underpinnings on this thing and still only use half the space. And I’m a large-ish person, someone smaller than myself could probably fit some of their regular clothes on it. And once you’re done with it, it folds up to be only about an inch thick.

The individual bars aren’t incredibly strong but well up to the task at hand, and the shape is very stable. I’ve loaded it up with heavy, wet clothing before and it has never tipped over and I have yet to break it – which is saying something, since I have a long history of breaking things just by using them.