Today I’m going to justify all my hours spent watching youTube videos by sharing one of my favorite channels with you wonderful people.

I discovered the vlogbrothers through their recently launched series called Crash Course, in which the two brothers (Hank and John Green) teach short lessons on biology and world history that cover a lot of information in a really unique way. The first history lesson, The Agricultural Revolution,  features the words “double cheeseburger” in the most scholarly way possible and the first biology video is titled That’s Why Carbon is A Tramp which pretty much sums things up nicely.

My favorite video from their main channel is the Father’s Day post from Hank last year, Top 7 Tips for LIFE. It’s actually much slower than most of their videos, most of the time they talk so fast I have to watch twice to understand everything. They do this thing where they will randomly insert the other brother’s name in their monologue, so during John’s post he will say Hank’s name and vice-versa.

You should go watch some of their stuff, it’s smart, funny, awesome, and mostly suitable for small ears.