So I had this odd dream the other night.

I was flying around in a house, but it wasn’t my house. (Because that would be silly; my house can’t fly. It’s too big and not at all areodynamic.) It was a lot smaller than my house, with a tiny bathroom and tiny bedrooms, and a small common room that was a combination kitchen and dining room. I was sitting at the table arguing with someone, I couldn’t tell who, because they thought it was my night to sleep on the table. (Apparently there weren’t enough beds in the flying house so we were taking turns sleeping on the table, but it was NOT my night.) MotherDearest comes in from another room wanting to know where the toilet was, which someone had moved. This was normal since there weren’t enough chairs in the flying house so we moved the toilet around when no one was using it so everyone would have a place to sit. (It was one of those special portable toilets, I guess.)

And all of that wasn’t the odd part, the odd part was that I was sitting on the toilet at the table while I was arguing with whomever I was arguing with about whose turn it was to sleep on the table (Not mine) and I didn’t realize I was sitting on it until MD started asked where it was.