It’s MotherDearest’s birthday!

You must be thinking, “But Ghostie, wasn’t it GhostDad’s birthday last week?” And it was, he is exactly two years and eight days older than her. This makes it handy to remember what their birthdays and ages are in relation to each other, for me at least. If she had been born a day later, she’d only be fifteen and he’d be a cradle-robber, so things worked out well the way it is.

Since MD has threatened my personal well-being if I post pictures of her on my blog and I like to live dangerously, here’s a picture of her kitted-out in my safety gear from the time we made soap.

Not everyone can pull off a look this sexy.

(I bet at least one person thought the words “Are you my mummy?” when they saw that picture. I know I did, but she is so it doesn’t count.)